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Our Story

Jen Podany - Bluestone Sunshields Europe

It all started with our founder, Jen Podany, working next to top dermatologists in Los Angeles. Seeing patients come in daily, spending time and money on cosmetic treatments only to see them walk out the doortrying to avoid the sun (and many times paparazzi!). 


This is when she knew there needed to be a fashionable option available in the doctors office that would offer both privacy and sun protection...and Bluestone Sunshields was born. 

 Bluestone Sunshields has quickly gained notoriety from industry leading dermatologists and celebrities. Bluestone Sunshields has also caught the attention of the high end fashion-industry trendsetters and has been featured in spreads for publications such as Elegant Magazine and Scorpio Jin Magazine before a global audience.

Expanding to Europe
Gitanjali Sietaram - Bluestone Sunshields Europe

Git Sietaram is based in the Netherlands. She graduated at the University of Amsterdam as a doctor in dentistry and has been the owner of a successful general & cosmetic dental practice for the passed 15 years.


From a young age she loved make up and skincare. And was somehow always aware of the detrimental effects sunrays can have on the skin.


But it wasn’t until she lost a loved one to cancer, that she really started thinking about how to take better care of her body inside and out.


She came across Jen’s bluestone sunshields and knew immediately that the message needed to be spread. The message that trendy, yet very effective, facial sunprotection is readily available!


Git would also love parents of children and men to become more aware of the benefits of ( early onset) skinprotection.

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